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This isn't your average travel blog. We wanted to create and share something truly special so we decided it needed to be holistic: You'll find everything from the typically fun travel stories and location reviews all the way to international volunteering and lifestyle design all rolled into one!

Sun Setting Over The Boat

The Perfect Weekend

One of the wonderful things about living on Roatan is that any given weekend can feel like an unforgettable vacation! We had one of those a couple of weekends ago. Where do I even begin… Our amazing friend Michelle came … Read More

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Cayos Cochinos Island Tour with Ruthless Roatan Charters

Last Sunday, our friends Mike and Cindy invited us to join them on a boat tour with Ruthless Roatan Charter Tours. We were looking forward to this trip as we had never been to Cayos Cochinos. We had never done … Read More

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My First Day Working in Paradise

I feel like a kid on the first day of school again. I’m wearing shorts and flip-flops. I’m not wearing the fresh scent of Aqua di Gio, as I have been for the last 20 years. No, Armani has taken … Read More

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The Subjectivity of “The Good Life” – 50 Shades of Better

It’s been just over 2 weeks since we’ve made our move to this beautiful but sometimes-challenging-to-live-on island. The adventures continue but we are slowly settling in. We are truly feeling the contrast between our “previous lives” and our current situation. … Read More

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The Challenges of Moving to a New Country

Moving is tough. Moving to a new country is very tough. Moving to an island in the second poorest country in the western hemisphere while your house is still under construction: a bit of a nightmare… Let’s be honest: Most … Read More

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Life Changing Decisions and Actions – #TBT January 2005

Throwback Thursday post from January 2005, when I made the life changing decision to temporarily drop out of university and volunteer in Sri Lanka after the 2004 Tsunami… In retrospect, everything turned out amazingly well despite my concerns. When you’re 22, … Read More

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West Bay, Roatan Sunset
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The Mexican Fisherman

3 Lifestyle Lessons from the Story of The Mexican Fisherman

 How Did We Get Here? Where does the HighPoint story begin? I had 4 starting points in mind: November 2016: Our first visit to “La Casa Rara” August 2015: Our First Trip to Roatan and Getting Caught in the “Roatan Vortex” April 2015: … Read More

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How to Manage a Construction Project in Roatan from a Distance

Another question we get frequently is how are we managing this construction project at a distance. I see 3 main components: Have the Right Expectations Communicate Frequently and Consistently Use Technology Effectively   Have the Right Expectations Once I moved … Read More

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Demolition at La Casa Rara

Any major remodel starts off with the fun part: Demolition!!! If you haven’t seen what the place looked like before, take a look at our first visit to La Casa Rara. Here are some pics of the demolition that started … Read More

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