Last Sunday, our friends Mike and Cindy invited us to join them on a boat tour with Ruthless Roatan Charter Tours. We were looking forward to this trip as we had never been to Cayos Cochinos. We had never done any fishing either, so we were looking forward to new and exciting experiences!

The seas were a little rough that morning (6-7/10 according to the crew), so I admit I got seasick! It was reminiscent of a catamaran ride I took in Thailand back in 2008 (that was FAR worse!), but I’ll save that story for another day… The good news was that I was fine after projectile vomiting off the boat!


Now that you have that pleasant visual, let’s continue…

Cayos Cochinos and Chachahuate Island

We docked near Chachahuate island where we were treated to a tour of how the local Garifuna tribe lives. It was touching to see the close relationship the Ruthless Crew had developed with the islanders over the years. You got the sense that they were part of the tribe.

Besides the fact that they’ve only recently installed more sophisticated water and electrical systems, one of the most striking aspects was that they’ve only started using cash in the last 20 years or so as everything was done by barter until then.

They prepared a delicious, typical island-style lunch of fried fish, plantains and coconut rice and beans for us!

After lunch, we spent time hanging out, swimming, chatting and relaxing before we left the island.

First Time Fishing

One the way back, the crew setup the fishing lines. I wish I could explain this better but as it was our first time witnessing people fishing, there was a lot to take in! I recall that the 5 different rods go in at different distances and depths to catch a variety of fish.

Fishing Superstitions

We learned that each country (or fisherman?) has a variety of fishing superstitions. The one we learned here is: You’re not supposed to eat bananas while fishing (or even that day) and you definitely should not have any bananas on the boat!

We were a little concerned since we did eat a banana that morning… 😉

After a while with no bites, Mark eventually said: “We’re not catching anything because you guys aren’t drinking enough!!!”. Cindy, always a team player, accepted the challenge and walked over to the cooler. As she opened it, a fish got caught on the line and DJ ended up reeling in a large tuna!

“Sea to Table”

You may have heard of the increasingly popular “farm to table” concept, but “sea to table” was completely foreign to us! Us city kids, with all our processed foods, were shocked that you could catch something from the sea and without any processing, eat it raw a little while later!

The tuna was put on ice for about an hour or so and Michelle expertly filleted it into sashimi. This novel experience was impressive to watch, but we were told they do this all the time! Needless to say, we’re looking forward to our next fishing trip!

Fresh Sashimi

Thank you Ruthless Crew

We’ve been on boat excursions before, but none like this one. The fun, experienced and super friendly, Ruthless crew made the day extra special. Thanks for an awesome day!!

Ruthless Roatan Crew

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